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Sebastian Tanner | 20 | Sophomore | FC: Aiden Turner | Unaffiliated  

Educational Information

Major(s): History

Minor(s): Anthropology

Extracurriculars: Archery

Personal Information

3 words to describe themintelligent, secretive, patient

Hometown: York, PA

Housing: Becker Hall


It’s an absolute truth that Sebastian Tanner is incredibly easy to get along with. Outwardly polite to whomever he meets, he has very few people in the way of enemies, or close friends, for that matter. He stays on the periphery of the most social circles, and he intends to keep it that way. Girls always tended to admire him as a tall, bookish type, though lately they’ve caught his attention less and less. 


Sebastian grew up rather normally, in a sunny suburb of Raleigh, North Carolina. Or, what he thought was normal at any rate. He never gave much thought, when he was younger, to the fact that his elder brother, James, and sister, Irene, were only his half-siblings, his Mother re-marrying just seven months before he was born. His family was happy, he thought, as he was growing up. Though that changed as he got older, when he noticed that his Sister started enjoying cocaine more than was healthy, and his Brother had a little too much fun starting fires.

When he was thirteen, Irene fell pregnant, James nearly burned half his face off, and his parents felt it was a good time to move. They relocated to Pennsylvania, and it had since fallen on Sebastian’s shoulders to be the ‘golden child’ of his siblings. A task which he accepted only out of love for his family. Attending SWU was only expected of him. He bears his parents no ill will, but quietly hates his siblings for how they broke his childhood, and very quietly, Sebastian hates himself for abandoning them.

The newly found independence Sebastian gained by living at SWU was like nothing he ever experienced. Even with all that freedom, he still exercised it rarely, never doing much beyond the odd drinking party or cigarette habit, more than aware that his reputation would have to be nearly flawless if he wanted to achieve his dream of becoming a professor. 

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